The Static Site Guide


Congratulations on completing The Static Site Guide! Pat yourself on the back. You’ve successfully created a static website with a custom domain name, version control, and continuous integration. You’re also well on your way to driving traffic to your website and monetizing it.

This book can’t teach you everything there is to know about static websites. Instead, it gives you a solid foundation that you can use to continue learning about technologies like HTML, CSS, and Hugo. You haven’t mastered any of those things yet, but you can with time and practice.

In many ways, this isn’t the end—it’s the beginning. Think of it this way. This book is like a set of training wheels that pushes you in the right direction. Now it’s time to take the training wheels off. You can do this. Keep learning, keep experimenting, and keep growing your skill set.

Finally, remember that you don’t need to be an expert at these technologies to have fun with static websites. And isn’t having fun really what this is all about anyway?